Sports Products

5×7 or 8×10 Inch Photos

individual or team

5x7 baseball

5x7 or 8x10 3013

8x10 or 5x7 2949

8x10 or 5x7 9535

5x7 or 8x10  team 05688x10 or 5x7 5092

Wallet Sized Photos

Set of 8
wallets set of 8

8×10 Inch Memory Mates

includes 3×5 inch individual photo, 5×7 inch team photo, name and year

a mem mate cheer fay

a memory mate baseball fay

a memory mate soccer 2011

a memory mate cashs softball

Refrigerator Magnets

set of 2 refrigerator magnets includes name and year

frig magnets softball

frig magnets

Cutout Magnets

5 inch tall cutout magnet mounted on acrylic

cutout magnets red

Wallets in Frames

with fold-out frame, wallet sized photo stands on desktop or sticks to refrigerator

wallet in frame

wallet in frame 1

Sports Wallets

includes name, year and sport


Key Chain Photos

2.5 inches round

key chains

Memory Mate Key Chains

with individual photo on the front and team photo on the back

mem mate key chain 1

mem mate key chain 2

Water Bottles

large 24 ounce water bottle with individual photo and league or school logo

Stainless Steel Travel Mugs

quality stainless steel 16 ounce mug for hot or cold drinks

travel mug 0043

travel mug 9424

Photo Mugs

large 20 ounce plastic hot or cold mug with child’s photo and team logo

mug 0055

Personal Wall Plaques

portrait mounted on 7×9 inch wooden plaque with name and date

plaque individual

plaque individual new a


10 inch tall cutout photo mounted on walnut wooden base with sports emblem


Wall Posters

large 10×16 inch poster with name, year and league imprinted

poster 10 x 16 9735

extreme poster 9882

Wooden Memory Mate Plaques

beautiful 9×12 inch plaque with individual photo, team photo, emblem and year

plaque soccer 1

Wall Cutouts

2 foot, 4 foot, or 6 foot cutouts stick to the wall

a basketball cutout 5991

a conroy cutout 3868

a cutout cheeer 0141

a cutout football

Photo Pennants

10×20 inch pennant printed on photo paper and mounted with name, team, and year

pennant 9901

PIX Pens by Parker

quality pen made by Parker with individual photo

pen pic pen

Trading Cards

set of 8 digital trading cards with photo and personal stats

a trading cards r 2011

Stadium Cards

set of 8 with individual photo on front and team photo on back

a stadium cards

a stadium cards team side




tee shirt football 9587

tee shirt track  9587

a tee shirt  cheerleaders 9587

Magazine Covers

8×10 inch personalized magazine covers with photo, sport, name and year

a mag cover  soccer r

a mag cover football r

mag cover soccer

Bookmark Tickets

set of five 2×8 inch tickets with photo, year, name and position

bookmark tickets

bookmark tickets

bookmark tickets

bookmark tickets

bookmark tickets

Photo Button Pins

3 inch button pin with name and sport

a buttons sports

buttons personal

Mouse Pads

9×8 inch quality photo mouse pad with team or individual photo




large 18×11 inch towel

a towel 9727

towel 9724

Giant Wall Tickets

huge 12×36 inch ticket poster with name, year and position

a big ticket

Canvas Tote Bags

large 17×17 inch quality tote bag with team or individual photo

a tote bag 9578

Grandparent Specials

two personalized 5×7 inch photos with name

a grandparents special 2


8×10 inch personal calendar with year beginning at the start of the sport season

calendar 1

Dry Erase Boards

8×11 inch erasable memo board with pen; sticks to the refrigerator

a dry erease board

Photo Puzzles

8×10 inch puzzle with individual or team photo

a puzzel

Drink Coasters

set of four durable photo coasters


Photo Tags

personalized with name, year and team

a brag tag

Wheaties Boxes

a wheaties

wheaties box